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In this blog where we share the life, styles, our friends, hand drawing, inspiration and the process of new design, meanwhile, we would love to tell the stories and challenges behind our business decision.

Home Office in Tübinegn

Isn’t it fortunate if one can live in a place close to nature and get to work nearby? Tübingen, where we live now, is exactly such a charming town with an old town area, surrounding by creek and hills, and Neckar river flows through it.

Due to limited financial resources, we converted one of the bedrooms into a studio for me to work on my shoe designs. Our flat has plenty sunlight, floor-to-ceiling windows that always bring me the beauty of nature in any season. My office is a room with white painted walls, a table, a chair, a printer, a classic wooden cabinet and a glass door linked to the small balcony. It’s a wonderful working place for me.

Now life is just similar to those years in Taipei where I could enjoy hanging around the streets or take a walk alongside the river after work. I apprecaite a lot the value which our working and living environment add to our life.



就像當年在台北,下班後能去附近的河畔散步或在台北街頭慢走, 我一直都對自己工作和居所的環境感到滿足。